a.k.a. techman

D. Scott Brandt
Associate Dean for Research
Professor of Library Science
Purdue University Libraries (ADMN)
504 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058

Professional activities

Newest: Radiator Man!

October birthdays , Purdue events:
Elmwood trees, before and after; Dakota's birthday ; August Cally trip ; Summer pool party;

Father's Day; Costa Rica trip June 2009 weeks 1-2 , 3rd week

We had a full November before visiting Scotland: Edinburgh_1 Edinburgh_2 Edinburgh_3 ; and then Christmas

Addie's Communion; and Easter '08
Picture's from the recent trip to the island of Bonaire
Caribbean 06, Pt. 1, Cas Ultimo
...Pt. 2, around the island
Pt. 3, underwater shots from snorkeling

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Three of my favorite places to stay-- check them out and consider a vacation there!
Ultimo Cas, an awesome place in the Caribbean, on the beach, Bonaire
Isabelle's Marie Antoinette apartment, near the Eiffel Tower, Paris
My brother's Carole Lombard House in Ft Wayne IN-- like a staying at a Hollywood movie star museum