Various Christmas activities, 2008

A visit from the Christmas mouse and rabbit (they're from California...)

Sushine Addie and Grumpy Josh (who thnks any temp below 60 is freezing-- thus, wearing coat & gloves indoors)

The traditional palm tree decorations... this year, the Christmas card holder

A very nice dinner spread, and requisite antics from "the boys"

Potato scrubbing gloves were THE hot item at the annual "swap"...

The new parlor and traditional Clarks pose

Diving into the tree to see what's there, and chestnuts roasting on open fire

Before opening presents and ta-da, the not so hidden new grill for Clarks (wish they would have stood still)

Addie got a kilt! Well, tartan skirt from Scotland and Nancy was loaded with nice gifts

Scott got a Bears hoodie (yes!) and toilet seat (huh???)

Fort Wayne-- their Santa lights and the lights on Carista and Sean tree

Carista hosting while Sean cooks, and Jamie with her new friend Roy

Derek with his hands full, and Matt holds the Christmas angel

Snow angels-- Ashlynne and Jarrod


Penny and Tim came back to Laf In and brought Wii-- and Nancy kicked a**