I celebrated Easter in Fort Wayne (Nancy was in Dallas)

Easter at Suz's house... candy, toys, dinner and fellowship

Suz and Dad talking about something serious, like NSAIDS or B12

Jarrod, and Ashlynne with a pair of plastic tweezers that make candy bugs light up

Matt the goth, and Carista and Shawn sneaking candy... BUSTED!

Derek making bunny ears on Lisa, and Jaime visited from Ohio!

Tony, Lexi, Mallory and Kristin

Suz found a "recipe" to make a science experiment-based "volcano cake"

Jarrod loved it! (he thinks his gramma is a chemist)

cutting the cake, with Ashlynne nearby wondering how Grandam will make "volcano brownies" for her birthday

Stopping by Jan's

Jan & Deb, Brad, Betty and Eric

Bowling on the Wii