November 2008, just before heading over to Scotland...

Early November, Christmas shopping in Chicago

State Street, checking out the Marshall Fields windows (Huh? Macy's? Oh yeah, Macy's...)

The theme was evidently Grinch meets Fraggle Rock

Luckily it was a chilly day to get you in the mood for Christmas shopping

Inside Marshall, er, I mean, Macy's

Awesome little chocolates and WHOA, 10% on on a $10,000 piano (yeah, I almost... not)

This was weird-- looking at their tree on the top floor, an employee wanted to springle Nancy with pixie dust (must be some weird MACY'S tradition)

We went to the Royal George for the final installment of Catechism (prepared me for seeing the movie Doubt)

Nancy said the set and nun, although it's interactive comedy, is so real it makes her cringe

Somewhwere in there was a celebration for Addie's 8th birthday...

New York, New York! We had an overnight layover before Scotland, so we visited Penny and Tim (or they visited us)

Had to see Ground Zero, and reflect... (Nancy & I toured the Twin Towers in '99)

Then we headed uptown, which, as it turns out, is north of where we were (yes, we found out the hard way)

In prep for Scotland, we had a dinner at a Scottish place, complete with much whiskey and guys in kilts

We headed out to Time Squares to scope out the possibility of doing New Years there (definitely some day)

We found the place we stayed in '99, the Washington Jefferson in Hell's Kitchen

Next Day we had Jazz brunch at the Garage in Greenwich Village, a cool diner

Food, music and company were all good

Then we did a "Bob Dylan walking tour" using Tim's cell phone for directions (Dylan liked green doors?)

One of the venues he played at is a CVS... people were so mad that they put the sign up just for show

We walked all around Washington Square, then bid a fond farewell and headed for the airport...