We headed to the island of Bonaire (near Venezuela)

The night before we left, it started snowing

Next day we had 6 inches, but that's nothing for O'Hare airport and we were on our way

This is the view that greeted us every morning out our window

We had breakfast every morning in our swmming suits on the patio

And looked out on our new favorite beach... ahhhhhh, the Caribbean...

Ultimo Cas, literally "the last house"-- all condos after this section of beach

Actually a pretty big space, especially for two people

Bathroom had a large shower, with a European hot water heater (basically acts like a drip coffee maker!)

Outside the house, and truck we rented

Down the stairs to the "garden" adjacent to the shore

Looking back up at the house

Beaches here are mostly made up of coral (very few sandy beaches)