Visited Erin & Josh (just before Scott's feet surgery)

Their house, is a very very nice house (no cats in the yard)

Josh fixed his special "chicken crispies" meal

Nancy and Scott went to Temucula to visit wineries

Got to see them loading grapes (Nancy says "vignoir tastes sweeter in the vine"

And mechanical squeezing to get juice

We visited old town Temucula

Checked out this cool store

And this cross between a pottery place and junk yard

These former Memphis-ites now swear by Lucilles (sorry Rendevous)

We went down 170 steps to get to this nice beach

Cute couples on the beach

One Nancy and Scott went to a day spa (Nancy did the mud, not Scott)

Last day we had a cook-out, Jado gets stuck under the table

Bonus extras: Nancy sneaking grapes, Vet wants ammo...