Dakota's rockin' birthday (literally)

Ice cream birthday cake and stetson hat, what 14 yr old could ask for more

What's this CD from Josh? Oooh, keep on a rockin me baby...

Cool t-shirt and Alli gets ideas for her next birthday

Screeching Weasels record and another cool t-shirt

Biggest present came from Addie. Two cards had 14 dollars in them

Grandma Nancy's card includes a game- pick behind (car) door #2

... or #3, or #1. Yup, going with door #1, a turntable

But wait! There's more! If the lucky number is drawn you get all three... and more records!

Records of course go up in the room, Dakota's decor

Album covers or flats of various artists

Uncle Jeremy to the rescue- helping to put together an awesome stereo set up

Dakota and Lory going thru the trash, and Jeremy with some mad bike skills